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Nadia is now playing in Linz and we are there too!

The next Update of the page will be on Monday. We are sorry, but pictueres of Nadia from Linz will be added soon after we are back!

With best regards, Webmaster Dietmar

Nadia was shocked loosing to Marlene Weingartner that straight, because Nadia made too much unforced errors and she says after the match: "I wasn't there today. I rushed through everything." So she really knows herself what chance she had missed here this year.

But in Doubles she is with Meghann Shaugnessy already on a good way, they are now in the third round.
At the singles performance Nadia is already out, but in doubles she is still playing:

Nadia and her doubles partner Shaughnessy walk over in the scound Round against Molik and Serna. Now they will face in Quaterfinals Davenport and Morariu.