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Nadia's page will be for a few days not be up-to-date, because a few things have to be done on the server and adress, but we will keep the page as soon as possible with the latest results - we hope allredy on Friday (16.04.2004)

We apologize for it and hope all visitors of this Page understand!

With best Regards Webmaster Dietmar
The english version of the page is now online, but, not all things are already in english, some are in german.

The News will be from now on completely available in english too, I am sorry that not the whole page is now complete in english but I promise this will be very soon!
We are now reachable on the new Web Adress http://www.nadia-petrova.com, because on the old one http://www.nadia-petrova.com, there will soon come the official one. We will immediately inform you when this one is online.

New Pictures of Nadia playing in LA will come soon, and also more details about the 2 Pages.

With best Regards Webmaster Dietmar
A few days ago, we launched the brand new Nadia Petrova Fan forum, we hope to see you fans from all over the world in the forum to be able to talk with other Nadia and Tennis fans from all over the globe.

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