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Nadia’s Cake:
(dedicated to Nadia Petrova)


0,25 L Russian vodka (white - 40% alc.)
500 gram. flour (universal)
250 gram. butter
210 gram. sugar
150 gram. raisins
150 gram. whole hazelnuts
100 gram. dark-chocolate (>70% Cacao)
4 eggs
16 gram. vanilla sugar [bourbon]
16 gram. baking powder

Preparation in 4 steps:

Step 1:

First put the 1/4L Vodka in jar together with the hazelnuts. Then seal that with a cling film and for a minimum of 15 minutes. (for the hard variant of the cake also put the raisins in the jar) After this procedure you may have to refill the vodka to 1/4l

Step 2:

Chop up the chocolate and head up with the raisins, hazelnuts and vodka to make the nuts soft.

Step 3:

Beat eggs with butter until foamy (best at the highest level) and add sugar and vanilla gradually. mix baking powder and flour and add to the egg mixture.

Step 4:

Mix the vodka-mixture with the dough and then put it in a cake tin (butter and flour the tin, if you don't want the cake to stick in the tin) Baking: 350°F [175°C] for about 60-90 minutes depends on the stove.

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