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In her time as a junior she showed that she is one of the best since she won several tournaments among other things also the French Open (Roland Garros '98)


In Warsaw 1998 she was invited to the first time with 16 on the pro tour. This year she played only in Warsaw and in Moscow, and the year ended as no. 142 of the world. In 1999 the surprise came: In Moscow she eliminated the previous year winner Conchita Martinez and she ended the year as no. 95 of the world ranking list as a number.


In the year 2000 she played 15 tournaments and the 4 Grand Slam Tournaments where she won against players as Julie Halard or Maguei Serna. She ended the year as number65. In 2001 Nadia increased herself ended on place 39 and came at Roland Garros and at Wimbledon into the 4th round.