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Nadia Petrova was born at the 8 June 1982 in the city of the former seat of the Moscow Soviet Union.

Her father Victor Petrov, was one of the best hammer throwers of the world and her mother Nadejda Llina got a bronze medal in Montreal at the Olympic Games at 400 m.

Nadia, began to play tennis with 8 years and in this case one noticed now her talent. At what she shows some also in the case of other events at talent, so it is also what I heard once after that 1,87m highly jumped. Here one would say with regard to that: Not of bad parents"! what applies in her case also to 100 %.

Since her parents accepted a coach job soon on that in Egypt, she transferred the biggest part of her youth there. In addition she spent some years in Poland. But first in Egypt she decided on becoming tennis pro and was trained from now on by Mohamed Seif.